Name: Kusumben 
Age: 40 
Location: Kanya Chhatralaya,
Village: Takal Ta. Chikhli, Di. Navsari.

Kusumben lives in Kanya Chhatralay of Takal village.  She works as a house mother in Takal Kanya Chhatralay. 2022 – In April, Menstruation Awareness Program was conducted by Desai Foundation at Takal Kanya Chatralaya and the importance of Asani Pad was explained. Kusumben has been associated with the Desai Foundation ever since. The hostel girls were informed about it by the Desai Foundation Trust and they liked it very much. She uses Asani pads and his daughter also uses Asani pads. Also her hostel girls also use Asani pads. Every year when a new batch comes to the hostel they call to conduct the Menstruation program. Hinaben, who is a Sangini of our village Fadvel, does the work of delivering the pad there.
 She is very happy that our program benefits her girls every year and she is very thankful to Desai Foundation Trust.



Rina needed to provide for her family since her husband’s salary wasn’t enough.

During visits to her in-law’s village, Rina stumbled upon our Asani Sanitary Napkin production center and decided that she would love to sell Asani pads to the women in her village.

Rina was the very first member of our Asani sales team and sold over 100 packs of Asani in her first month on the job. Rina now feels empowered and motivates other women on the growing sales team.




Hansaben is a mother of two young women. All Hansaben knew was to use rags during menstruation.

While attending a Desai Foundation menstrual awareness program, Hansaben learned about the benefits of using pads and that she could afford the Asani ones.

On that day, she decided to change her household’s practices and educated her daughters as well as some of the other young women in her community on using sanitary napkins.




Sonal is a mother of 2. Her husband is handicapped, making her the sole provider for her family of four.

When we met Sonal, she was concerned as her job selling sarees did not bring in consistent income. Sonal became the first woman to sign up for our Asani Sanitary Napkin production job and has been vital to our team ever since.

Today, Sonal earns a reliable income without the burden of an upfront investment or loan as her previous job required.




Meet is a 12th grader at our high school. Although his interest in human biology, the conversation about menstruation has always been taboo.

When he visited our Asani Sanitary Napkin Program production center downstairs from his classroom, he learned what menstruation is, and that it is a regular part of female health.

Today, Meet does not feel ashamed or intimidated to speak and study about menstruation and has shown greater respect towards his female classmates.




Riya is an 11th grader at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan where she attends our science school- one of the best in the region.

Riya is currently outperforming all of her classmates, including the boys. Each day, she travels 15 km each way to get to school, knowing that this is the best education available to her.

She dreams of becoming a doctor.




Savita is the mother of two young children and lives with her husband and his elderly parents. Savita’s husband’s income was not enough for the family’s needs. She searched for a job which she could do in her free time and still care for her family, but it was hard to find.

When Savita learned about the Asani Sanitary Napkin program and tried Asani pads, she liked its comfort and low cost.

Today, Savita is a sangini, a distributor of Asani napkins. She is happy to have work that allows her to earn an income while also taking care of her family.