Testimonial 6

Impact Stories - Lucknow

Name – Kunika
Village – Lucknow

Kunika is a student of 12th in a government school of BKT block, Lucknow. About 2 months ago a menstrual hygiene management awareness program was conducted in her school by Desai Foundation Trust.

In which more than 100 girls like her were given information about menstruation. The principal of the school told us that most of the girls in the school used cloth and threw the used cloth and pads in the open due to which the school remained unhygienic. After the MHM session DF team explained to the girls, the girls use the Asani pads and after using the pads, they wrap them and throw them in the dustbin. Kunika is working as a Sangini under the Asani program in her school. She keeps Asani packets with her in the school so that every girl can get it on time. Along with her studies, Kunika handles all the responsibilities as a Sangini very well. Kunika says, “To give pads to girls on time, keeping track of Asani’s revenue, I feel great pleasure in doing all these things because I remember when I was young, pads were not available in our village and we used clothes in our period”.

When we asked Kunika why she was interested in doing work as a sangini, she said that the problems that we faced in childhood due to not getting pads in time, should not happen to other girls, that is why we keep pads in the school so that girls can get pads on time. She says that the Aasha program gave her the opportunity to help other girls.

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