Testimonial 4

Impact Stories - Valsad

Name – Bhavana Patel
Age – 45
Village – Mograwadi, Valsad

She is bhavana Patel from Valsad town. she is family of 6 with her two children. She is struggling for her household expenses because her   husband didn’t earn enough money for expenses of her house and kids’ children. She is professionally a sewing tailor at her home.  She is the beneficiary of Menstrual Health & Hygiene Awareness Management camp. She didn’t know about certain things related to menstruation. She is using cloth pads for her menstrual cycle and unaware about proper hygiene. 

In November 2022 she has attended our one of MHM session and was very much happy about the information shared by our field officer. She came to know about proper hygiene care and our Asani Napkins that are cheaper yet effective. She was very much excited about our Asani pad. she had startred usage of Asani pads and after some time she has shown intrest in selling of the pads.

After certain Explanation she became our sangini . Before 10 months she used to sell 10 Asani pads in a month and now a days she used to sell 30 to 40 Asani pads. she is thankful to Desai Foundation trust.

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