Testimonial 7

Impact Stories - Valsad

Name –Satya Narayan Sanstha
Village – Kaprada tribal community

The Satya Narayan Sanstha purchased 1200 packets to support the Kaprada tribal community for a whole year by providing free sanitary napkins. This initiative aims to foster hygienic practices during menstruation within the community. Through this effort, they seek to ensure that women in the Kaprada tribal community have access to essential menstrual hygiene products, enabling them to adopt healthier habits and live with dignity.

Testimonial 6

Impact Stories - Lucknow

Name – Kunika
Village – Lucknow

Kunika is a student of 12th in a government school of BKT block, Lucknow. About 2 months ago a menstrual hygiene management awareness program was conducted in her school by Desai Foundation Trust.

In which more than 100 girls like her were given information about menstruation. The principal of the school told us that most of the girls in the school used cloth and threw the used cloth and pads in the open due to which the school remained unhygienic. After the MHM session DF team explained to the girls, the girls use the Asani pads and after using the pads, they wrap them and throw them in the dustbin. Kunika is working as a Sangini under the Asani program in her school. She keeps Asani packets with her in the school so that every girl can get it on time. Along with her studies, Kunika handles all the responsibilities as a Sangini very well. Kunika says, “To give pads to girls on time, keeping track of Asani’s revenue, I feel great pleasure in doing all these things because I remember when I was young, pads were not available in our village and we used clothes in our period”.

When we asked Kunika why she was interested in doing work as a sangini, she said that the problems that we faced in childhood due to not getting pads in time, should not happen to other girls, that is why we keep pads in the school so that girls can get pads on time. She says that the Aasha program gave her the opportunity to help other girls.

Testimonial 5

Impact Stories - Lucknow

Name – Madhuri Rajput
Village – Nauakhera

Madhuri’s story is encouraging to everyone, let us introduce you to Madhuri Rajput, resident of Nauakhera, who is a farmer by profession. Nauakhera is a very backward village in Bakshi Talab block of Lucknow. Where women are not allowed to go out of the house, and have to remain veiled even inside the house. DFT’s team had conducted a menstrual hygiene management program in that village in which women were aware of many information related to menstruation.

The women said that they use cloth during menstruation because pads are not available in our village and we are not allowed to go out of the village. Madhuri Rajput of that village was also a part of our session, who was very impressed.

She decided to do something for women and thought of opening a shop at her home in the middle of her village in which she decided to sell Asani packets, now she provides pads to the women of the entire village.

When Desai’s team asked Madhuri as to what caused her to see changes in herself, she very simply told that through the Asani program, she came to know about many taboos and stigmas related to menstruation, which actually are not related to menstruation. And all the women of the village like me believe in it because this tradition has been going on since the time of our grandmothers, they had accepted it, so we also have to accept it because no one had explained it to us. She said that I myself was infected due to using cloth in periods, now we are worried about ourselves too, so I decided to become a sangini of this project so that I can provide pads to the women in the village itself and can save to my future generations from those unnecessary taboos and stigmas.

Testimonial 4

Impact Stories - Valsad

Name – Bhavana Patel
Age – 45
Village – Mograwadi, Valsad

She is bhavana Patel from Valsad town. she is family of 6 with her two children. She is struggling for her household expenses because her   husband didn’t earn enough money for expenses of her house and kids’ children. She is professionally a sewing tailor at her home.  She is the beneficiary of Menstrual Health & Hygiene Awareness Management camp. She didn’t know about certain things related to menstruation. She is using cloth pads for her menstrual cycle and unaware about proper hygiene. 

In November 2022 she has attended our one of MHM session and was very much happy about the information shared by our field officer. She came to know about proper hygiene care and our Asani Napkins that are cheaper yet effective. She was very much excited about our Asani pad. she had startred usage of Asani pads and after some time she has shown intrest in selling of the pads.

After certain Explanation she became our sangini . Before 10 months she used to sell 10 Asani pads in a month and now a days she used to sell 30 to 40 Asani pads. she is thankful to Desai Foundation trust.

Testimonial 3

Apsaroon's Story

Apsaroon is a 25-year-old single mother who is facing the society alone for her daughter. Apsaroon was married two years ago and within a year, she was thrown out of the house by her in-laws.

Apsaroon comes from a backward Muslim family where women still have to remain veiled. Coming from such a family, it was challenging for her to fight for her daughter against the society. Apsaroon tells that she had joined the Asani project of Desai Foundation a year ago, when she was in dire need of a job, she got the job, took training and started working in the production center packing pads. Through this project, there has been a lot of change in her life as well as in the thinking of her family members, she says that she was not allowed to leave the house, even at home she had to remain veiled.

When I told my family about my work and explained the condition of women in the society, my mother gave me courage to do something good by joining this project to change the society.

Apsaroon says that she will protect her daughter from the evils that she inherited from her home and society. Today, she gives credit to the team of Desai Foundation for the change in her life.

Testimonial 2

Impact Stories - Deoria

Name – Anushika Singh
Village – Dumari
Block – Rampur Karkhana
District – Deoria

My name is Anushika, I am currently a NEET aspirant. When I started having periods, I had a lot of problems due to which I had to skip school. My dream since childhood was to become a doctor when I grew up, but when I started having periods, Because if I used to skip school, my studies would get disturbed a lot and everyone knows the condition of the washroom in a government school. If no one can go to the washroom, then how terrible it would be to change the pad there. Due to these reasons, my studies were halted. I used to feel that when I myself remain ill for 5 to 7 days in a month, then how will I be able to treat people after becoming a doctor?

Then my sister started working for Asani. Earlier I used to think that this is such a thin pad. Will it stop the blood? Then my sister told me that no, a single pad lasts for 6 to 8 hours, so at first I could not believe it, how could this happen, on my sister’s advice, I started using Asani. I liked it very much because as its name suggests, it easily solved all the problems occurring during periods. I completed my 12th by using it. Now I do not have to disturb my studies due to periods. At the present time, I am preparing for NEET, I sit in the library for 8 hours and study using an Asani Pad. Now I feel that no one can stop me from fulfilling my dreams.

Thank you Asani

Testimonial 1

Impact Stories - Navsari

Name: Kusumben
Location: Kanya Chhatralaya
Village: Takal Ta. Chikhli, Di. Navsari.

Kusumben lives in Kanya Chhatralay of Takal village.  She works as a house mother in Takal Kanya Chhatralay. 2022 – In April, Menstruation Awareness Program was conducted by Desai Foundation at Takal Kanya Chatralaya and the importance of Asani Pad was explained. Kusumben has been associated with the Desai Foundation ever since. The hostel girls were informed about it by the Desai Foundation Trust and they liked it very much. She uses Asani pads and his daughter also uses Asani pads. Also her hostel girls also use Asani pads. Every year when a new batch comes to the hostel they call to conduct the Menstruation program. Hinaben, who is a Sangini of our village Fadvel, does the work of delivering the pad there.

 She is very happy that our program benefits her girls every year and she is very thankful to Desai Foundation Trust.