Testimonial 3

Apsaroon's Story

Apsaroon is a 25-year-old single mother who is facing the society alone for her daughter. Apsaroon was married two years ago and within a year, she was thrown out of the house by her in-laws.

Apsaroon comes from a backward Muslim family where women still have to remain veiled. Coming from such a family, it was challenging for her to fight for her daughter against the society. Apsaroon tells that she had joined the Asani project of Desai Foundation a year ago, when she was in dire need of a job, she got the job, took training and started working in the production center packing pads. Through this project, there has been a lot of change in her life as well as in the thinking of her family members, she says that she was not allowed to leave the house, even at home she had to remain veiled.

When I told my family about my work and explained the condition of women in the society, my mother gave me courage to do something good by joining this project to change the society.

Apsaroon says that she will protect her daughter from the evils that she inherited from her home and society. Today, she gives credit to the team of Desai Foundation for the change in her life.

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