Testimonial 2

Impact Stories - Deoria

Name – Anushika Singh
Village – Dumari
Block – Rampur Karkhana
District – Deoria

My name is Anushika, I am currently a NEET aspirant. When I started having periods, I had a lot of problems due to which I had to skip school. My dream since childhood was to become a doctor when I grew up, but when I started having periods, Because if I used to skip school, my studies would get disturbed a lot and everyone knows the condition of the washroom in a government school. If no one can go to the washroom, then how terrible it would be to change the pad there. Due to these reasons, my studies were halted. I used to feel that when I myself remain ill for 5 to 7 days in a month, then how will I be able to treat people after becoming a doctor?

Then my sister started working for Asani. Earlier I used to think that this is such a thin pad. Will it stop the blood? Then my sister told me that no, a single pad lasts for 6 to 8 hours, so at first I could not believe it, how could this happen, on my sister’s advice, I started using Asani. I liked it very much because as its name suggests, it easily solved all the problems occurring during periods. I completed my 12th by using it. Now I do not have to disturb my studies due to periods. At the present time, I am preparing for NEET, I sit in the library for 8 hours and study using an Asani Pad. Now I feel that no one can stop me from fulfilling my dreams.

Thank you Asani

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