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Impact Stories - Navsari

Name: Kusumben
Location: Kanya Chhatralaya
Village: Takal Ta. Chikhli, Di. Navsari.

Kusumben lives in Kanya Chhatralay of Takal village.  She works as a house mother in Takal Kanya Chhatralay. 2022 – In April, Menstruation Awareness Program was conducted by Desai Foundation at Takal Kanya Chatralaya and the importance of Asani Pad was explained. Kusumben has been associated with the Desai Foundation ever since. The hostel girls were informed about it by the Desai Foundation Trust and they liked it very much. She uses Asani pads and his daughter also uses Asani pads. Also her hostel girls also use Asani pads. Every year when a new batch comes to the hostel they call to conduct the Menstruation program. Hinaben, who is a Sangini of our village Fadvel, does the work of delivering the pad there.

 She is very happy that our program benefits her girls every year and she is very thankful to Desai Foundation Trust.  

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